Incredible Social Media Tips for Chiropractors

Interact with current and potential clients

As technology evolves, marketing changes, too. And, in the modern age, technology and marketing are evolving at the fastest pace ever. If a chiropractor practice wants to gain customers, it isn’t enough to just focus on traditional advertising, such as billboards, direct mail advertising, radio and print ads. They also need to have a robust digital marketing strategy, and social media is a big part of that.

Social media profiles used to be reserved exclusively for individuals, but businesses are now expected to have active profiles where they regularly post quality content. And yes, that includes chiropractors. A strong social media presence can boost your number of patients and improve your public image. Below are some simple social media tips for chiropractors.

How to Create Quality Social Media Content for Chiropractors

When creating content for your social media profile, the No. 1 rule is that every piece of content must fit your brand. Sure, you could post funny dog videos that get a lot of shares and comments, but what is that doing to gain recognition or get clients? Social media isn’t about posting just to post. Your posts need to be thoughtful and intentional.

It’s ok to have fun with your social media content, but remember that chiropractors are medical professionals and need to uphold their credibility. Luckily, some content can be fun and engaging while still being medically appropriate. A great way to walk the line between professional and playful is to post educational content.

Perhaps you could post stretches that can help a sore back, or maybe you can talk about the different muscles in the neck that people often “tweak.” The OC Chiropractor is a great example of a chiropractor that has mastered social media. You can also get ideas from other service-based business’ social media pages.

The best part about posting educational content is that it usually doesn’t take a lot of time to create. Chiropractors already have the knowledge, they just need to share it in an interesting way. That could mean filming part of a session (with permission from the patient, of course).

The key here is to document what you do. You’d be surprised how interesting a typical adjustment can be to the regular person, even if it’s just another day for you. Lean on your everyday work to create relevant, modern content that your audience will enjoy reading or watching.

Below are some ideas of topics you can discuss on your chiropractic practice social media page.

What to post about on social media as a chiropractor
  • Videos of adjustments in action
  • Videos or diagrams of stretches
  • Information about which muscles are causing which types of pain
  • Photos of non-back pain that can be caused by a misaligned spine
  • Unique procedures
  • Preventative practices
  • Videos and photos around the office of workers in action
  • Testimonial videos
  • Other interesting facts about the spine and neck

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How to Create Shareable Social Media Content

When it comes to social media content, getting your content shared is key. Shares increase your social presence and result in a higher number of views. In turn, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn will show the post to more people and you will have a higher chance of getting more patients. There is no secret formula to creating viral content, but there are some general rules you can follow.

People typically share posts that make them feel something, learn something or laugh. Here are some examples of posts you could create:

  • You could post an inspirational story about a patient whose life was changed by your services. This post could get people to feel emotions such as sadness, joy, and excitement.
  • If you want your viewers to learn something, choose to teach a unique fact. Perhaps there is a shocking stat about computer or phone use that will surprise your viewers so much that they have to share the fact with others.
  • Another idea for educational content is to show a new — maybe even weird-looking — way to align someone’s spine. Is there an odd technique that is interesting to watch? Post it.
  • You might not become the Singing Chiropractor (like the now famous Singing Dentist), but you could post funny memes or short videos that give your practice a little more personality. Let your hair down a little, just don’t be overly reckless with your humor.

You don’t have to create professionally shot photos or videos. In fact, many people who see high-quality videos often assume they are looking at an ad and therefore skip over it. You want your post to fit naturally into the social media feed. Provide engaging and interesting content and people will like it, comment on it and share it with their friends.

Chiropractors have an advantage over other services because everyone has a body and almost everyone has experienced a sore back or neck. Your content can be useful and interesting to just about anyone.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

One of the reasons that businesses don’t maintain their social media accounts is because posting takes time. Chiropractors and their office staff do not have lots of extra hours to spare. A social media scheduling tool can help make things a little easier. Scheduling allows you to take time once a week or once a month to schedule posts for the next week/month. Then, you can make sure posts go out at the right time of day and not worry about them again.

Always remember that social media accounts are a great way for you to establish rapport with your customers and get the most out of your interactions with them. By providing your customers with interesting and engaging content, you can easily demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable practice that is ready to help.

With the digital marketing software Zampi, chiropractors and their employees can schedule posts on most of the major social media platforms. Once the posts are scheduled, they will be viewable on a calendar. This tool helps chiropractors and other service-based businesses post regularly to improve their visibility. Learn more about Zampi’s social media posting tools, or any other digital marketing tools, here.