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You can successfully market a law firm, but it doesn't have to be tricky. The secret is integration - whether that's integrating growth into your daily operations or the way you get leads for new clients and manage their cases. You don't need an expensive marketing company if you know how to integrate marketing strategies into your firm. In this guide we'll teach you exactly what steps are needed in order for success without spending hours behind a computer or banging your head on the wall.

Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

At it's core, everyone law firm is a service based business. After watering down and striping a law firm of everything that makes them unique, firms provide a service for their clients. There are products that need to be packaged and shipped but a service that someone needs.

It's important to note this because every successful marketing plan or strategy starts and ends with the target audience or in this case, future clients.

Now that we have classified ourselves as a service, we need to understand how people find services that they need. When someone is looking to solve a problem like getting out of a DUI or preparing their estate they go through a process that is known as the customer journey.

The Law Firm Customer Journey

Now, depending on what type of law your firm practices, the customer journey is going to be different. For example, one client for a DUI lawyer might of just been pulled over and spent the night in jail for drunk driving. They are probably scared, worried, and confused. Now this is very different than if you are a real estate lawyer and your client just sold their home. The client is probably ecstatic to be moving on to their new home and new life. Each client is going to need a marketing strategy that meets them in their journey and helps them get to the next step.

When we think about the customer journey we can think about the problem that we are solving for the customer. For the DUI client, the problem they are trying to solve is staying out of jail. For the home owners, their problem is they don't understand the legal documents that need to go into selling their home.

We need to ask ourselves "How do our clients search for a solution to their problem?"

9 times out of 10 our clients are going to head to Google and search for a phrase or keyword that will give them their solution. We want to show up on Google when our potential client is searching for a solution that we provide and for us, this is called search engine marketing.

NOTE: If your clients are not searching on Google head to the bottom of this article or click here for none search engine marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM can be broken up into quite a few different strategies that all fall under the umbrella that is SEM.

  • Search Engine Optimize or SEO
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Ads
  • Google Guaranteed
  • Suggested Videos
  • Local SEO or The Map Section
tips for writing powerful landing page headlines

Each of these have their tactics that will make you successful in pulling in new clients. But the easiest and quickest is by far Local SEO. This is because you are competing against a smaller group of law firms and Google uses unique metrics to place one firm over another in the local map section.

Local SEO For Law Firms

Local SEO or Search Engine Optimization for searches with local intent shows up on the search engine result page (SERP) when a user searches for something local — 46% of all searches on Google have local intent. When someone does search for a local business or service you will see a map section with 3-4 businesses highlighted. We want you to be one of those businesses so that you can capture all of the traffic that is coming from those searches.

In order to do this we need to focus on 4 key metrics — now there are more than 4 that will influence your rankings but we want to integrate growth into your firm, not create an internal marketing depart.

  • Number of And Quality of Reviews
  • Distance From User Searching
  • Quality, Trust, & Popularity of Site
  • Activity on Your Google My Business

NOTE: Because Local SEO is so important to law firms we actually created a free mini course that will help you, an office assistant or a paralegal start pulling in new clients from local SEO. You can grab that here.

To really boost your ability to show up for local searches you are going to want to pull in massive amounts of 5-star reviews, mitigate bad reviews, get listed in local directories, post on Google my business weekly, and open multiple locations in your service area. Now all those are possible except for the last one.

Looking for Google Reviews? Try our free course!

Google Ads For Attorneys

The next best way to grow a law practice is with Google Ads. Now these can be expensive — for example the keyword or search phrase "DUI Lawyer" ranges from $13 - $112 a click. Now are you seeing why free traffic with local SEO is so appealing?

Don't let the high prices of Google ads turn you away. There are a lot of ways you can cut the cost per click down to $2-$3. You can do this by targeting people who have searched for those terms on Google in YouTube. Yeah, you can actually show a YouTube ad to someone who is looking for a lawyer or legal advice. This offers some huge advantages such as

  • Connecting on a Human Level
  • Lower Cost Per Click
  • Ability to Present Your Message Multiple Times

Google ads can be tricky and we have to remember that Google wants us to spend our money. We recommend going with a professional marketing agency that focuses on Google Ads. This is because you are likely to pay Google the exact same amount that you would pay a marketing agency to run the ads for you. The only difference is with the marketing firm, you have a higher chance of getting clients than by running the ads yourself.

SEO For Law Firms

The next on our list is SEO or search engine optimization. Traditionally SEO is a long-term game but once it starts paying off, it pays off big. About 60% of searches result in an organic click. That means that the user skipped past the ads and went straight down to the organic search results.

If you are trying to rank for our example above, "DUI Lawyer" in the United States has over 27,000 searches. If you were able to secure spot 4 or 5 you might be able to pull in a couple thousand website visits a month. If you were running ads for that keyword you would be spending maybe $50 a click and your adword budget would get eaten up really quick.

With regular SEO, if you are able to rank for a couple of keywords that have high volume of searches then you are going to flood your firm with new clients. The downside of this is that regular SEO is not tied to a location and you might be pulling clients in from an area that you do not practice in. However, this is a great opportunity to to hand off potential clients to partner firms in exchange for "partnership" badge that will link back to your website. (backlinks or links from one site to another are a huge indicator in regular and local SEO.)

Google Guaranteed For Law Firms

Google Guaranteed is relative new and it isn't available to all industries. However, in July of 2020 Google announced that their pilot program of running Google Guaranteed Ads for law firms was a success and that they would be slowly rolling out their program to other areas that are outside of their test locations.

Google Guaranteed for Law Firms

Google Guaranteed are the little square boxes that show up on the top of a Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) They are Google's way to building trust between it's users and service based businesses trying to pull customers form Google. These are ads. And typically you can pull in a customer for a lot cheaper than regular Google Ads. The down side is that you are going have to go through verification processes so that Google can guarantee your business to it's searchers.

What if Your Clients Are Not Searching For Your Services?

There are times where clients might not be searching for your services. For example, some firms pull in their clients from established partnerships with other businesses or agencies.

If that is the case then you are going to want to get creative. Your goal is to build a relationship with the entity and that can be done through LinkedIn, MeetUps, or even cold email.

If this is your case, then every situation is going to be different and that is why we put together a list of 14 different marketing ideas for law firms. Additionally you can follow these steps below.

LinkedIn Marketing For Legal Services

LinkedIn is a wonderful place because there is not a lot of competition, yet. There are a couple of sales strategies for LinkedIn and you can find our full training here but this is a marketing plan so we will focus on marketing on LinkedIn and not sales.

The first thing you are going to want to do is determine who has the decision making power in the organization you want to partner with. Then you are going to send them a connection request with a note that says something along the lines of...

"Hey {{first_name}}, I've been following {{company_name}} for a while and I think you are doing some incredible things. I would love to have you in my network as I am a firm believer that you are a sum of the people you have around you.

Looking forward to connecting and cheering you on
- {{your_name}}"

Once your target has accepted the connection request. Follow up with with a thank you message and immediately endorse a couple of their top skills.

Then, every time they post, make sure that you comment and react to it. This will increase the touch points or the amount of times that your target market sees your brand.

The next step is to put out great content that shows that you are capable of being a referral partner.

Finally, after a couple of likes and comments on your target market's post it is time to send them another message. But this time you are going to bring up their recent post and then ask a follow up question. it could look something like this.

"Hey {{first_name}}, I've really been enjoying your posts. I can't believe that ______ happened. Do your clients typically face this problem? "

By bringing up one of their recent posts you have a reason to reach out to them. You won't come off as a sales shark because you are following up on their content — you have a reason to reach out. From here, you turn it into a meeting where you set the foundation of your partnership.

Now, this LinkedIn strategy is playing the long game. But with partnerships, I recommend playing the long game because it is too easy to burn a bridge and lose an opportunity for ever.

MeetUp Marketing Strategy For Law Firms

Another way to meet community leaders in a none threatening sales way is through local MeetUps. MeetUp is a site that allows community members to host groups based around similar interest. For example, 1 Million Cups is a meet up for entrepreneurs and a lot of IP attorneys will hang around to meet young entrepreneurs who need to protect their dream.

Additionally, you can also host a MeetUp and invite your target audience. If you film it, this makes for great content that you can use for your social channels. A full detailed layout of this strategy can be found in our marketing ideas for lawyers blog post.

What Are The Next Steps?