How to Write an Irresistible Landing Page Headline

Increase conversions with these simple tricks

There’s a reason the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” exists. Because, if we’re all being honest, we judge books by their covers. We also judge landing pages by the first words and images that we see. If it doesn’t catch our attention or it doesn’t match what we’re looking for, we’re going to judge the page and move on. It’s human nature.

The headline is the most important text on your landing page, so you need to know how to write one that converts viewers to customers. If the headline is powerfully composed, consumers will stay on your landing page and will be more likely to take action. On the other hand, poor headlines will turn away users. Knowing how to write a compelling headline for your landing page will make or break your campaign.

Follow these tips, and you will be able to create powerful, compelling headlines every time.

Focus on the End Result

tips for writing powerful landing page headlines

When consumers arrive on your landing page, they’re looking for the answer to one thing: What’s in it for me? They want to know right away what they will gain from taking action. So, your headline should focus on where your audience will be or how they will feel after taking action. If that end result is desirable to them, they will immediately start wondering what they can do to have that type of life. They will continue to stay on the page and will be more likely to convert.

Take a second to think about what will happen to the consumer after they take action. Will their lives be easier? Will they gain new knowledge? Think past what you are physically offering, and focus on how the product or service will change the lives of your audience.

Use Power Words

Learn and master. Begin and launch. Win and conquer. Those words might have similar definitions, but their connotations are very different. Your headline should invoke some kind of emotional or psychological response. Use power words that are full of meaning and emotion in order to motivate your audience.

Your thesaurus will be your best friend during this part. Using power words is all about not settling for the first word that comes to mind. Think of a new way to convey your message. Test out varying headlines and read them out loud. If you want, you can even write down what emotions come up as you read the headline. The goal is to empower the consumer and inspire them to take action.

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Call Out Unique Selling Points

How is your business different? Why should someone choose your product or services over another? If someone visiting your landing page thinks to themselves, “Oh, a business like this already exists” or “I already have a solution to this problem,” that’s not good. Either your landing page is targeting the wrong person or you’re not showcasing how you are different.

In today’s world, there are probably at least a dozen other companies who are doing something very similar to what you’re doing. But, you started your business for a reason. You have something unique to offer, and you need to let the world know as soon as they lay eyes on your landing page. Granted, you won’t have that much space to explain all of the reasons that your business is amazing. But, you have a headline (or at least a sub-headline) to tell visitors why you’re special. Give them a peek, but don’t show them everything.

Match Your Brand Voice

The voice in your headline should match your brand’s voice. If humor is not part of your brand’s voice, don’t decide to randomly insert humor into your headline — not even if you have a really great comical headline. Building a brand is about making your brand recognizable to consumers, and that takes consistency.

The tone of voice in your headline should align with every other piece of copy that your business produces. A consistent brand will do more for your business than a catchy headline that only confuses viewers. You should also use words and phrases that your audience will understand and relate to.

Be Honest

Don’t make any shocking claims that you can’t back up. Unless your brand voice is hyper exaggerative and/or sarcastic, your headline should reveal exactly what your offer is capable of. You should not try to mislead people who visit your landing page.

In the marketing world, we tend to make claims that are a little “too good to be true,” and the consumers notice. Plus, the “completely transform your life” headline is overdone and cliche anyway. Tell consumers exactly how your product will impact them. Nothing more.

write landing page copy that converts

Tips to Remember When Writing Headlines

It’s only a few words, but writing a headline can be extremely difficult. These tricks make writing headlines a little easier. Keep them in mind when you’re staring at a blank piece of paper wondering where to start.

  • Prep by Reading Your Own Copy

One way to ensure that your headline matches your brand’s voice is to read your brand’s copy so the voice gets in your head. Your brand is, in a way, it’s own person, and you need to channel that person in order to come up with words that fit their personality. Before you put pen to paper for your headline, take some time to read through your business’ website copy, blogs, or social media posts that represent your brand’s voice. Reading it out loud is even better than reading it in your head.

  • Look it Over

Once the entire landing page is designed, look at the headline to see how it appears on the page. Make sure it is not too long or too short, and check to see that the line breaks aren’t awkward. Read it out loud to hear how it sounds to your ear. And double — and triple — check that nothing is spelled incorrectly.

  • A/B Test Your Headlines

You’ll probably end up with a few headline options that could work for your landing page. To determine which one will have higher conversions, put them to the test. Use one headline for one landing page and a second headline for another one. Push both landing pages and see which one performs better. A lot of the time, the top converting headline is not the one you would expect.