How to Land a Law Firm Marketing Job

Even if you have zero experience in marketing

Are you looking for a law firm marketing job? If so, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll cover how to find a law firm marketing job. Whether you're looking for an entry-level position or are more experienced, there's something here that will help. Let's get started!

First, to find a law firm marketing job, you'll need to know what position you are aiming to snag. Marketing for law firms typically falls into two categories: in-house marketing and agency work. There are different responsibilities with each of these, such as managing an entire campaign for a single firm or working on many firms in a specialized area. That said, the overall goal remains the same - find what aspect of law firm marketing you like and are good at, and then double down.

Types of Law Firm Marketing Jobs

How do you find the perfect marketing-related position for you? Here are some of the types of marketing jobs, in no particular order, that one could have at a law firm:

  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Media Buyer
  • Brand Specialist
  • Email Marketing
  • Account Manager
  • Copy Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Editor/Video Animator
  • Strategist
  • Radio

In some of these positions, you are more likely to land at a marketing agency specializing in a law firm. Others, you'll land at large legal firms, and some of them you'll be lucky if you ever find them at a mid-sized or small firm. But, again, this is simply because of budget restraints.

Considering the position you are going for, and you'll narrow down what you need to do to land a job in law firm marketing.

What Should You Do if You Have Zero Experience in Law Firm Marketing?

Gather General Information

Get experience. I know that is a lot easier said than done, but a little bit of experience can go a long way. If you haven't already, the first place you need to head to is YouTube. Then, dive headfirst into marketing and try to avoid law firm-specific marketing channels. You want to start with a general search because chances are you don't know what you'll enjoy just yet.

“Acknowledge your weaknesses within your field of interest and give it all you have. In this day and age, you can learn anything if you have access to the internet” says Benjamin Aronson CEO and Founder of FinancePond

When you start to gather general information, you will be able to quickly tell if you are more of a copywriter that can spend hours behind a keyboard writing articles that will drive clients to a law firm or if you are more of a strategist that would love to work on hundreds of marketing campaigns, all with their unique challenges.

Pick An Area To Specialize In

Once you have enough information on what each type of marketing job would entail, it is time to niche down and show your future employer that you can add value.

Suppose you decided that you want to jump headfirst and become an SEO specialist, then great! However, it is time to brand yourself as an SEO specialist.

How to land a law firm marketing job

Head to LinkedIn and update your profile (Please tell me that you have a LinkedIn profile). Change your cover image to reflect that of an SEO specialist. Next, update the skills that you have and ask family and friends to endorse you. Finally, write a catchy bio that expresses why you are the best SEO specialist.

With your LinkedIn profile set, you are ready to go.

Look for Certifications & Nail Down Basic Knowledge

Now that you look at the part, it is time to act the part. If you wanted to be a media buyer and you are in love with Google PPC, then it is time to go through their certification course. If you picked email marketing, where there is no certification course, it is time to take courses that will give you a certification of compilation.

Even after you get certified by tech giants like Facebook and Google, you'll want to start a free trial of LinkedIn Learning. Here, you'll find entire learning paths that are dedicated to people launching careers. Start those learning paths and complete them.

The best part is that LinkedIn will display on your profile that you completed the course and that you are competent in that area of expertise.

Note: this is a really good time to brush on those other skills like Excell, photoshop, premiere pro, or even WordPress programming languages like backend PHP.

Find Your Foot In the Door

Next up, you are going to want to create a Facebook post asking if anyone knows any attorneys, marketers, paralegals, or legal office assistants.

Once your post starts to fill up with comments from aunts that you haven't seen in years or the whacky neighbor that you grew up next to, ask for an intro.

An intro from a friend or an acquaintance can go a long way. Once you are introduced, you'll have a couple of options on how you want to play your next steps.

  • Try to get hired
  • Work for free and experience
  • Ask for advice

I strongly recommend that you do not use this opportunity to get hired. That is because the chances that the connection has hiring power or that their company is currently hiring are extremely low.

I always ask for advice, and then job opportunities will follow. If it is another marketer, ask them how they got their first job. Then ask if they know of any agencies that are currently hiring.

If your connection is a paralegal, ask what they currently do for marketing and then aim to guide the conversation to land you an intro with a partner at the firm.

If you get introduced to an attorney or a managing partner at a firm, then you will want to ask for advice. After their advice is given, I would ask if you could work for free.

Now, many career specialists will cringe at the phrase "work for free," but I completely disagree. Working for free opens you up to opportunities that a dollar sign instantly closes. Most digital marketing jobs can be done from home and in off-hours. That means that you don't have to quit your current job to start getting experience. It also means that you get to build incredible relationships with the people at the firm, and they will open you up to a world of opportunities, especially if you do an incredible job with your marketing internship.

Looking for Google Reviews? Try our free course!

Document Everything

Once you start on your free or paid internship, you'll want to document everything in the form of a story. People fall in love with stories, and your future employer will be gobbling up every detail if you tell it right.

For example, your story and documentation might go something like this.

" I knew that I had experience in x, y, and z, but I had never applied it to a law firm specifically. That is why I reached out to _______ firm and showed them how they could increase their annual revenue by adding focus to x area.

At first, it wasn't easy because _____ firm had never run an organized marketing campaign before. That is why we started collecting data because we knew that if we could find patterns with their current clients, we could expose those and find more clients that also share those patterns.

What we found was ______, _______, and _________. I was so excited once that data was revealed because it meant that my initial hunch was correct. With the data backing my initial hypothesis, the firm signed off, and I got to work.

Because their current clients all shared _______, I started with _________. I knew it was going to be a couple of weeks before we would see results, so I kept my head down and built out the whole strategy.

Sure enough, the data and new clients started to trickle in. At the end of the campaign we turned __________ into ___________ by doing ___________. It was the most successful campaign they ever ran."

Now can you imagine if you told that story during your interview process? You would blow away your future employer, and you would have the data to back yourself up.

Add Your Experience to Your Resume & Hit The Job Sites

Now that you have experience under your belt and certifications/courses that have enriched your knowledge, it is time to update your resume.

Use software like Enhance CV to boost your resume and help it stand out from the crowd.

Then head over to Indeed, LinkedIn, and zip recruiter to start blasting your resume out to every position that is open. The more aggressive you are with this step, the faster you will land a job.

Joining organizations or networking groups lets you interact with like-minded individuals who can be invaluable sources of referrals.

And that is it! If you have followed these steps, then you should have a job in no time. But if it doesn't happen right away, don't be discouraged because the average time it takes to find a new job in the US is three months.

Note: You don't have to wait until you have the experience to start applying. Your certifications and course certificates will carry much weight for entry-level positions.

Another Note: Even if the job says 2+ years of experience but is still an entry-level position, apply. Don't let an HR department that knows nothing about marketing dictate if their company lands the perfect candidate.