Growing and Marketing a Chiropractic Practice in 2020

Get a steady stream of new customers

Chiropractors know exactly what to do when a patient comes in with a hurt back. But, when it comes time to grow their business, they’re often left scratching their heads. Growing a chiropractic practice is difficult, especially in 2020.

There are people out there searching for chiropractors, but tapping into a dormant audience who doesn’t know about your practice can be challenging. How do you get the word out to your target audience? And how do you increase your customer base when it seems like you have to constantly blast out your business in order to get noticed? Fortunately, there are simple, non time-consuming things chiropractors can do to grow their practice this year.

Why it is Difficult to Market and Grow a Chiropractic Practice

If you think that growing your chiropractic practice feels like a never-ending battle, you’re not alone. People who own chiropractic practices, and most other service-based businesses, often struggle with marketing because they are not trained marketers. They don’t have the necessary knowledge to grow their business, and, even if they did, they don’t have the time to put towards marketing. This becomes even more challenging when you consider that most marketing in 2020 will take place online, and those online platforms can suck up a lot of time and money.

Online platforms are also constantly changing, making it hard for chiropractors to keep up. Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube — these platforms are updating their logarithms almost daily. All of this makes it difficult for chiropractors to reach their audience. They are at the mercy of online platforms that they don’t fully understand, and they don’t have the resources to put toward online tactics.

But, if chiropractic practices are going to thrive in 2020, they need to have a strong online presence. This isn’t done by just making a Facebook page or optimizing their Google My Business account, although those are important. It takes strategy to get people to start booking appointments.

Growing a Chiropractor Practice with Google Reviews

Grow your chiropractic practice with online reviews

When someone has a problem with their back, what do they do?

They pull out their smartphones or laptop, head over to Google, and search for a solution. They might type something like “back pain relief” or “chiropractor near me.” With the right keywords, some chiropractor businesses will show up. This is your chance to reach your target audience and convert this person into a customer.

But if your chiropractic practice has a low star rating or not a lot of reviews, potential customers will skip right over you. Customers want to see about 40 online reviews before they believe that a business’ star rating is true. If you focus on growing your review count, you can catch those people searching for a solution.

Why Are Google Reviews Important for Chiropractors?

Your business needs to have a lot of reviews, and the majority of them should have five-star ratings, if you are going to convert customers on Google. Plus, the higher your star rating, the higher up on the Google search page your business will appear.

Search engines love online reviews, especially with local businesses like yours. Google knows that its users want to see those reviews, which is why it prioritizes businesses that have them. 92% of consumers use online reviews when making any buying decision.

For that reason, Google makes those reviews and star ratings obvious to the viewer. Its goal is to help its viewers find what they need so they continue to trust Google and keep coming back. Google wants to point them toward reputable businesses, and a high star rating shows Google that you have a good reputation. In 2020, Google is putting even more emphasis on improving the customer experience and giving them what they want. Reviews will continue to be important this year for your practice.

Ultimately, you want to end up in the Local 3 Pack. These are the three businesses Google will show the user when they perform a local search such as “chiropractors near me.” Only businesses with high star ratings and a lot of reviews end up in this coveted position.

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How to Boost Your Business’ Google Reviews

The best way to boost the Google review count for your chiropractor business is to ask for reviews at the right time. Timing is everything. When you plan it right, you can get those 4- or 5-star reviews that will give your business a big boost.

Don’t ask for a review before the patient has gone to a visit, and don’t ask for one weeks after your patient’s last appointment. You want to catch them in the sweet spot, between a few minutes after they walk out the door to a couple of days after.

Send them a text, email or Facebook Messenger message via a reputation management system such as Zampi. Here are four tips to keep in mind when asking for Google reviews from your chiropractor patients.

Tip #1

Start off by showing genuine interest in your patient. Thank them for coming in, and ask if their back pain has improved or not. Sending a personalized message shows them that you care about them. This warms them up to the idea of leaving a positive review.

Tip #2

Once they answer, don’t just jump right into asking for a review. If possible, respond to your patient. Listen to them and respond appropriately to them when they tell you how they are feeling or if they have any concerns about their back. You want to show your patient that you are listening to what they are saying and not just trying to butter them up for a review.

Tip #3

Politely ask your patient if they can take one minute to review your business on Google. Don’t be hesitant by using words like “maybe” and “possibly.” Simply ask if they can do it. Add a link in the message to make it as easy as possible for the patient to leave a review. No one wants to deal with the hassle of finding the business on Google (again) and finding out how to review it all by themselves. By giving the direct link, you help them help you.

Tip #4

Right after asking for a review, tell the patient that their feedback helps you improve your services for them and for others. This is your chance to give the “why” behind asking for a review. Don’t tell them that you want more reviews because you want to improve your Google rating. This will come off as annoying and self-serving to patients. Focus on how their review will help you improve.

Once they leave a review, send them a thank you message that shows how much you appreciate them taking the time to write up a review. If they have any upcoming appointments, you can say that you are looking forward to seeing them then. If not, you can encourage them to check out some of the other services you offer.

And that’s it! It’s really that simple to get a review of your chiropractor business on Google. As your review count rises, you’ll watch your business steadily climb up the Google ranking.

how to grow your chiropractic practice with social media

Build a Consistent Social Media Presence for Your Practice

Many businesses think that having a presence on social media means posting goofy memes and occasional deals they have going on. But, would you follow a business’ Facebook page if that was all it posted about? Or would you rather have a relationship with the business and get to know the people who you visit for your sore back?

A lot of small businesses like yours are on social media. 93% of small business owners use Facebook, 79% use Twitter and 71% use LinkedIn. But, most of them think that as long as they are on the platform and posting every now and then, they have a winning strategy. That’s not the case. Building relationships is what social media is all about. To see true returns on your social media marketing, there are some tips you need to keep in mind to grow your practice.

Tip #1 Stick to the platform that your audience is on

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok. There are so many social media platforms your business can be on that it’s easy to lose track! If you were to focus on every single platform, you would have zero time left over for your actual business.

Instead of spreading yourself too thin, pick one platform to dominate. You should choose this based off of where your audience is likely to spend time. For chiropractors, Facebook is usually best. Facebook has an older audience than the other platforms, and it caters more to local businesses. Instagram, Pinterest, and the others tend to target a more global audience.

With that being said, if you are going after a younger audience that spends more time on other platforms, then you should focus your energy there. Do some market research to see where your customers and prospective customers are. Then, connect with them.

Before you can start posting on social media, you need to make sure that your business page is properly set up.

Set Up Your Chiropractor Business Page

Once you choose the best social media platform for your chiropractic practice, you’ll need to set up a brand page. Starting an account on Instagram is simple. You’ll just choose a name, picture, and write a short description, usually with a link to your website and an address/general location. A Facebook business page, which allows a lot more content, can take a little more time to set up.

For a Facebook page, you’ll need a name and photo, but also an address, phone number, email address, general description, and any other information you see fit. Most of it goes on the About section of your page.

In your description, you can slip in some keywords or add some tags related to chiropractors. That way, your target audience will have an easier time finding your page when they do a search. For both Instagram and Facebook, you should pick bright images, preferably with faces. Slip your logo in if possible.

Tip #2 Post content regularly

Social media, and digital marketing in general, is all about staying relevant. On social media, that means posting content regularly.

It doesn’t always have to be a really clever post that takes a lot of time. You could post a quick selfie video of you or one of your employees explaining a stretch that helps with neck pain, or you could post a stock image of someone running or playing with kids and write a sentence about living a pain-free life. The possibilities are endless.

Take some time at the start of the week, or even the start of the month, to plan out your content for the future. This will take some time in the moment but, in the long run, it will save you a lot more time and headaches. For more information about what to post on your chiropractor business’ social media page, visit this article.

Remember as you post that your content should be…

  • Valuable
  • True to your brand values
  • Engaging

Tip #3 Engage with your followers

Social media was originally created so that people could connect. It’s admittedly strayed from that purpose, but connection is still what people crave when they open up their Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Fuel that connection by engaging with your followers. Ask questions in your posts, respond to comments (especially if they are negative), and show them the humanity behind your business. Let them know that chiropractors and their practice’s staff are human, just like the rest of us.

As a word of caution, it’s important to stay true to your brand values at all times. If your company is more serious and educational, your posts should reflect that. The same is true if your company is more laid-back. Post things that support your brand values and your business as a whole. If not, it will come across as ingenuine and will turn people off.

Grow your chiropractic practice with SEO

Growing Your Chiropractic Practice With SEO

When you have a question, where do you go? Your first (or at least second or third option) is likely Google. The same is true for your customers. When they have a question about their back or neck pain and what they should do about it, they go to Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO), is basically getting your website to show up when people search things. If you have a good SEO ranking, your business will show up higher on the search engine results page (SERP). If you don’t have a good SEO ranking, your business will show up on the third, fourth, or fifteenth page of Google and your chances of being found go way down.

So, how do you get your chiropractic practice to show up on the first page of Google? Let’s start with the basics.

How to Do SEO for Your Chiropractic Practice

SEO is a multi-faceted beast that can take years to master. But, there are a few simple things you can do to start getting your chiropractor business to show up on Google. The key is to go after keywords.

Keywords are the words that people type into Google when they are doing a search. A lot of the time, keywords are posed as a question, such as “What is causing my migraines?” or “How to get rid of lower back pain.” When users perform this type of search, the Google results page usually display blogs, and some of those blogs have their exact question in the title.

If you had a blog or a page about these topics and your business is ranking high on Google, this would be a great opportunity to capture a new customer. The user can visit your page to gain the information they are looking for, and then schedule an appointment with you with a “Call Now” button or form field at the end of the blog.

If you want to grow your chiropractor business, you should have a plan in place to also grow your SEO.

Growing Your Chiropractor Business with Blogs

As mentioned in the example above, blogs are a great way to grow a website’s SEO ranking. If your blogs can start ranking for keywords, then your practice’s website will get a big SEO boost. That boost will help when it comes to searches on Google and on Google Maps.

Blog posts should include the keywords you are trying to rank for, and they should be at least 500 words, preferably longer. Include photos and videos to break up the content and increase the time people spend on your blog.

Blog Ideas for Chiropractors

If you don’t know what to write about, start by thinking of the top questions that your patients ask you. Some of it might be common sense to you, but your patients likely don’t know about even basic anatomy of the spine. Use their questions to guide your blog posts.

If you’re still dry on ideas, you can visit the blogs of your competitors and see what they are writing about. Write a blog post that is different and, of course, better than theirs. If done right, you’ll start ranking for the keyword in no time.

Within the blog, link to other pages on your website. At the end of your blog, you should always include a call to action that invites the reader to take action. That could be to book an appointment or request a consultation.

Now that you know how to boost your reviews, increase your social media presence, and get your practice showing on the first page of Google, you are ready to grow your chiropractor business. It might sound intimidating, but if you plan it right and play off of your strengths, you’ll be growing your business right away.