Pest Control Blog Ideas

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Creating a solid blog for a pest control company that people want to read might be one of the hardest things to do. There are very few people out there that want to read about nasty pests and all of the gross things that bugs do. But on the other hand, a strong pest control blog can do wonders for your SEO game. This article will help you get started and dive into some pest control blog ideas and SEO topics that you can take advantage of.

Best Blog Ideas for a Pest Control Company

1) Local Bugs

If you are starting a blog for a pest control company, chances are it is because you want to rank on SEO. A strong blog will bring in external links and build your reputation in your industry. The benefits of a blog should make it a no-brainer, but maintaining one is also a lot of work. Your blog should accomplish a couple of things, and one of those is to appeal to a local audience. Your blog should have basic information about all of the local bugs in an area: ants, termites, bed bugs, roaches, etc. Each one of these blog posts can have multiple sections, such as: basic information, how most people attract this bug, how to prevent the bug from taking over your home, what to do if you see one, and how your company can help a homeowner solve the problem.

A blog full of information about local bugs will do wonders in the SEO world, but it will also give you the ability to show a “pest library” section on your website. This will let all of your visitors know that you are a serious pest control company and that you are very knowledgeable about the bugs that live in the area.

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2) Informational Material

If you are creating a blog to draw in backlinks that will help your homepage rank on the first page of Google, you need content that other sites will link to. As a pest removal company, you are the experts in ridding the critters that everyone else hates. This means that if you put out a solid piece of content that provides a ton of information, stats, and facts, other websites will link to you. Isn’t that fantastic? It is kind of strange to think about creating content in a way that others will want to link to it instead of creating content that will add value to your readers, but it works. By writing about the facts, you are giving other bloggers the ability to write better pieces and link to you while doing so. It’s a huge win-win.

3) Life Hacks

A lot of the time I see pest control companies write articles on how THEY can solve the problem, but this is an awful blog strategy. The public already knows that a pest control company can solve the problem — what they don’t know is how they can solve it. There is a huge group of people that love the D.I.Y. life. They love to do it themselves and feel satisfied when they take care of the problem. Help them do this. Provide all of the hidden hacks out there to take care of ants, cockroaches, etc. Then, talk about preventative pest control. Basically, you want to give them the tools to take care of the problem immediately and then sell them on a quarterly service so they don’t have to take care of the problem the next time it comes around.

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4) Bug Changes in the Area

This topic might be a little weird, but it will help you get some serious street credit in the SEO world. Every now and again there will be a huge increase of bugs in a certain area. This might be because of a heat wave, a particularly wet spring, or even a dry winter. Whatever the reason, there could be more mosquitos, spiders, etc. than normal. If you can write about this and provide some stats about why there will be more pests this year than years past, you can submit the article to your local newspaper. They eat this stuff up! And guess who is going to link back to you and give you credit in their article? That’s right, the newspaper will. This will instantly give you not only an SEO boost, but also the ability to put the paper’s logo on your site as a badge of credibility. Most people in your local area know and trust the newspaper, and you just got featured in it.

Blogging as a pest control company should be about getting people the information they need to make correct decisions about how to take care of their home. This will result in more people reading the articles and linking back to your site. You’ll soon be on the front page of Google when people search “Pest control near me.”