Blogs Ideas for Dentists that Will Boost Traffic

Get your practice to show up first on Google

Blogs have been buzzing with popularity for a few years now, and for good reason. One of the best ways to increase your web traffic — and the amount of customers walking through your door — is to have blogs on your site. Below are some blog ideas for dentists that will boost their traffic.

Blogs can make a big difference with your business. Marketers who prioritize their blogging efforts are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI. Those businesses that post consistent blogs produce 67% more leads per month compared with companies that do not.

Ideas for blog posts for dentists

The reason blogs are so powerful is simple. For one, they can help boost your ranking on Google, otherwise known as SEO (search engine optimization). The more traffic your blog receives, the better your entire site will perform.

Plus, once a potential customer is reading one of your blogs, there is a higher chance that you can convert them into a sale. One study found that 60% of people who read content have a desire to seek out a product. Educating them with a blog post shows them that you know what you’re talking about, and it increases their trust in you. That trust can easily convert into sales.

With every blog post you write, there is another chance for the reader to click a call to action button and book an appointment directly with you. So, let’s start growing your blog with these high-quality blog ideas for dentists.

Blog Ideas for Dentists

Educational Content

When people have a question about their dental health — whether it’s how to better care for their teeth or what’s causing pain in their mouth — they Google the answer. This is the perfect time to cross paths with a potential customer. Blogs that answer common problems experienced by patients can generate a lot of high-quality leads.

Educational blogs are easy to write because the dentists and hygienists already know this information. It shouldn’t take a long time for them to write something up, or to film a quick video talking about the topic and send it to a writer to compose into a blog.

Educational content can also be easily turned into an infographic. Infographics are long graphics that answer questions, and they do well on social media. They are highly shareable pieces of content, which can really help with your SEO.

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Case Studies

People love to read stories. It’s just part of human nature. Tap into that natural curiosity by writing up case studies about patients (with their permission, of course). Explain the problems they faced, and then talk about the end result that was possible thanks to your dental office. Include a testimonial from the patient, and you have yourself a strong story that helps sell your services.

Industry News

What’s new in the dental industry? It’s easy to turn it into an engaging blog post. This could include latest developments in dental technology or a new procedure that everyone’s talking about. What about the toothpaste pellets that are supposed to be good for the environment? Or, are there any changes in dental insurance policies you could talk about?

Write about what’s going on, and then share your opinion about it. By weighing in on what’s going on in the industry, your patients will start seeing you and your practice as the expert.

What to Expect

“What to expect” blogs are articles that talk about procedures you have at your dental clinic. For example, if you have a patient getting their wisdom teeth taken out, these blogs can answer the burning questions that patient likely has.

“What to expect” blogs outline what happens during the procedure and what will happen after. When writing these blogs, you are putting the patients mind at ease and focusing on the end results.

In-Office News

Did you recently make a new hire? Is there an award that your office received? In-office news give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on with your clinic. It keeps them in the loop, and also shows off the humanity behind the work you do.

When you talk about the staff and their expertise, your readers get to know the people who work with them. They leave the blog feeling like they are in safe hands under your care. These blogs allow you to show off the personality that makes your practice what it is. Give readers a sneak peek at what it’s like to work at your practice.

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Tips on How to Write Engaging Content

Before you start putting these dentist blog ideas to paper, you need to understand what makes a quality blog post. You may not be a writer, but you can create amazing content with these six tips.

1) Set the Right Tone

Each business has its own tone of voice. You might be more playful and personal while others are on the formal side of the spectrum. Whatever your brand voice is, stick to it with your blog. You want the blog to be an extension of your business and recognizable to patients.

That being said, don’t be too rigid in your writing. You’re talking to your patients, and they might not have a good understanding of dental terms. Try to be conversational by using “you” and “I”, and cut down the dental lingo. The goal of the blog is to build a relationship with your patients, not show off to other dentists about how much you know.

If you write like you are talking to another person, your readers will be more likely to connect and engage with you. A personable tone also keeps the reader on the blog for longer, which signals to Google that your content is high-quality and should be ranking higher up.

2) Include a Powerful Headline

Even if you write amazing blogs, no one is going to find it if you don’t have the right headlines. Why? Headlines are what catch people’s attention and get them to click on the link. Use words and phrases in your headline that spark curiosity, and be clear about what the blog is about.

If you want the blog to show up on Google, you need to include specific keywords that your patients are likely to search for. Think about the questions patients frequently ask, then search that question on Google and see what headlines are ranking.

You can use some of these tips when writing a catchy headline:

3) Write Short Sentences

Short sentences are easier to read, and that readability can give your SEO a boost. Keep your sentences short and to the point. Every sentence should have value to the reader. Don’t just put words on a page to get the word count up. Keep the blog precise and informative.

4) Use Citations

Always cite your sources. Citations tell your readers (and Google) that you have truly done your research on the topic. Readers who see your heavy citations will trust you more.

Plus, linking to expert sources can improve your SEO. Google sees these links and the authority behind them, and it only helps with your ranking.

5) Add Images

They say a picture can say a thousand words. Pictures on your blog can have the same effect. Images help break up the content, and it provides something else for readers to look at, thus increasing the time they spend on your site.

Take pictures on your mobile phone of your dental practice, employees or events, and put them in your blog. For the header blog image, you can use stock images from any number of sites. Stock image sites have high-quality photos that you can usually use for commercial purposes.

6) Get Social

After you write your blog, blast it out on social media. Post it on your platforms (Facebook and Pinterest are best for content) and encourage engagement by asking readers to share their thoughts in the comments. This allows you to reach a wider audience and boost views. As people like, comment and share the blog, more people are likely to see it and learn about your dental practice.

These blog ideas for dentists will help increase your website traffic and your leads. Blogging is a great way to engage with your customers before they even walk into your dental practice. You can earn their trust and build a relationship with them. Let’s start blogging!