14 Law Firm marketing Ideas To Flood Your Pracitce With Customers

Follow these 14 steps and you'll be making new hires in no time

If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart from the competition and grow your law firm at a rapid rate, try some of these 14 marketing ideas. I have compiled them in this blog post so you can be sure to implement as many as possible without feeling overwhelmed. Some are quite simple while others may take more time or resources, but they will all help you see growth in your law firm practice!

1) Host an Event That Occurs Monthly or Private One-On-Ones

Host an event that occurs monthly where attendees learn more information from experts like yourself through panels or discussions. You could even do probing one-on-one sessions where you record the discussion and the legal issue you are helping with. — The important thing is to record the discussion so that you can repurpose it for blog posts, Facebook post, YouTube videos, & social stories.

This works wonders for a couple of reasons. The first is that you are a lawyer not a content marketer who has been studying video engagement for years. The second is that you will be answering questions your target audience actually has — if you can answer a question for one person, chances are others have the same question.

By videoing live interactions you will be able to splice that content up for multiple platforms and never need to create content again. Just make sure that the proper paper work is signed and your audience is okay with their legal issues being posted all over the web. These types activities show commitment towards educating those around us while building connections between the live audience that can be transmitted to the masses through constant posting.

2) Create a traffic magnet blog that pulls in new clients.

By using the strategy above, you will be able to rapidly summarize the live discussions that you had and repurpose them as blog articles for your website. This works wonders because when people have a legal question, the first place they go to is Google. If you can show up on Google you will be capturing your client's attention right from the beginning and beating out your competitors.

The other benefits are that this will help you to stay top of mind with clients, potential leads or anyone who may be interested in what’s happening within the legal industry as well! You can also use this space for informative posts about recent changes that have happened locally (or nationally) which could affect how people are handling legal issues.

3) Optimize & Set Up Your Google My Business

Claiming your Google My Business profile is the first step in managing if and when you show up on Google.

Once claiming, it’s time to update details like hours of operation and business description for a more accurate reflection of how people can view your practice on search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, when negative or positive reviews come in, you will have the opportunity to respond to reviews and that shows an active & transparent business to both Google and potential clients.

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4) Post on Google My Business At Least Once a Week

Once we week sounds like a lot but hear me out. Every time you post a blog article, if you grab the link to it and create an announcement on Google My Business that links back to your blog you will be doing two key things. The first is that you will be pushing out content on GMB (Google my Business). Google loves this and will show you more in local searches.

The second is that you will be directing potential clients who are considering your services to content where you show how it is to work with you and your practice. They'll be able to see real videos of you or another attorney walking someone through their legal questions — perhaps the very same questions that they have.

5 more minutes of work will make substantial changes to your local SEO.

5) Pull in hundreds of Google reviews.

This is a powerful statistic: 93% of people look up Google reviews before visiting a business. And with 94% admitting that negative online reviews can convince them to stay away, it's no wonder why you want your star rating to increase! If you're not getting the stars and ratings on Google Reviews that show quality customer service — or if there aren't any at all! — you might be missing out on thousands of dollars in monthly revenue.

The best way for law firms like yours are going from 3 or 4-star rated practice to 5-star is quite simple — just ask your customers what they think about their experience after each visit by asking for feedback via text & a Zampi link. This dramatically increases Google reviews & brings in new customers.

Looking for Google Reviews? Try our free course!

6) Block Negative Reviews From Pulling Down Your Ranking

Now google and other search engines might not love this, but you actually have the power to filter bad experiences before they get posted to your public Google my Business profile. There are a couple of reasons why you want to do this. The first is that 94% of online shoppers will not purchase a product or service because of a single bad review. The second is that it negative reviews can hurt your ability to show up on Google. And the third is that you should be the first to know about a bad or poor experience so that you can fix it for the current client or the next one to come down the pipeline.

There is a full course on how to get Google Reviews here.

7) Join Local Groups As The Leading Legal Expert.

When you are looking for groups to join, check out meetup and local Facebook & linkedin groups. When you find a group that your target audience is a part of, you will be able to position yourself as a expert & the person that everyone wants to know. There are a couple of benefits that come from joining groups but the first and most important is that it opens you up to referrals.

Word of mouth is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to advertise, attract customers and win them over. When others talk positively about your law firm it builds name recognition that leads to sales; this in turn results in trust which will lead more people into buying from you. Word of mouth is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to advertise, attract customers and win them over. When others talk positively about your law firm it builds name recognition that leads to sales; this in turn results in trust which will lead more people into buying from you.

Joining organizations or networking groups lets you interact with like-minded individuals who can be invaluable sources of referrals.

8) Build Local Partnerships With Local Leaders

Remember the massive amount of content that you rolled your eyes at a couple paragraphs up? This is another way you can draw in more clients from the massive amount of content you created.

When you meet with local leaders (possibly from the groups you just joined) you will be able to cherry pick your best content and offer it to them as a resource for their members. Of course you want to have the correct disclaimers in the video and the branding that drives viewers back to your law practice.

The key here is that you have mounds of incredible resources that your audience is craving for. When you partner with local leaders who have built trust with their group, tribe, & followers, you will be able to piggy back off of that and be the logical choice for solving legal issues.

9) — Create partnerships with other law firms

Legal work is becoming more and more complex, as lawyers are working across practice boundaries to solve issues. Data shows that when people collaborate on projects their firms earn better margins while also increasing client satisfaction levels. Individual workers can charge higher prices for the services they offer because of this collaboration.

Collaboration is key for many reasons but when it comes to marketing, building strong partnerships with other law firms allows them to pass you potential clients when their workload is full or they are not the best fit for the client.

You can build relationships with law firms who practice the same law or complimentary practices who can easily pass referrals your way.

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10)Host a Student Scholarship To Pull In Backlinks & Fill Your Site With Content

Hosting a scholarship for students might sound like a really bad marketing plan. But it actually is an industry secret that is almost never used to its fullest potential.

SEO or search engine optimization has over 400 factors why Google will send one website on the first page and another to its grave on the second. Two of the biggest reasons are backlinks and content. If your website has incredible content that is pulling in a ton of links from other websites, that is a really good sign that your content is trust worthy.

So where do scholarship links come in?

When you host a scholarship and blast it out to universities all over the world, they will link to it so that their students might have an opportunity to win the scholarship.

This gives a small boost in Google rankings but the real power comes from the content opportunity.

On the content side of the equation, you will ask each student applicant to submit a 500 word essay on a legal issue that your law firm handles. This works best when you have a rotating list of topics so that you don't get more than 4 or 5 entries per topic.

Once you get all of the essays coming in, you can mix and match the essays into beautiful and powerful blog posts. — Just make sure to make it clear to the students that their work can be modified and edited and will be published to the website. Also, it is never a bad idea to give credit to the students once the blog article is posted.

11) Run Google Ads

So far we have talked a lot about organic methods of marketing or ways to pull in new customers without spending anything but time. Most of the tactics listed above can take time to see results and should be done consistently as the little wins ad up and when you put them in a big pile, you may never have to spend another dime on marketing again as you'll dominate Google.

But paid marketing or advertising methods can quickly draw in customers and increase cashflow. One of the best ways to advertise a law practice is on Google with Google ads.

The reason is because there are thousands of searches each day, week, and month for solutions to problems your clients have — the very same solutions that you provide.

When you run Google Ads you will be paying per click or every time someone clicks on your ad. Of course you can set your daily or total budget and Google will stick to it — ensuring that you never blow past your budget in a couple of days.

Typically these ads will lead to a call now or a form CTA (call to action). The important thing here is to get the customer on the phone so that you and your team can make the sale and bring on a new client.

12) Reach Out To Previous Clients For Referrals

Depending on the type of practice you have, this might not be applicable. But past clients are often surrounding by people that are looking for your services. For example, if you were a patient attorney then past entrepreneurs or companies that you have helped will know others who are still young in the process and will need to patent their invention before they take it live.

A simple email or text message asking about how they are doing can go a long way.

13) Grab a Slogan & Run Billboard Ads

Billboards can be expensive and are most efficiently used during two places of the customer journey. The first is the the very beginning where the customer hasn't started their journey yet! Your billboards will brand you and your firm as the solution so that when a legal issue does come up, you are first in mind.

Now obviously that can be a long game and most people who see the billboard will never even have a legal issue that they need to hire for. And that is why we move on to the second place billboard ads can be used effectively — the consideration stage or the comparing alternatives stage.

This is when your potential customers have done their research and they are wondering if you are the right choice or your competitors would be better.

By running billboard ads you are increasing your touch points or the number of times your service appears in front of your potential client before they purchase. (The old saying is that you need to appear in front of your audience 7 times before they purchase.)

Additionally, you will also reach people who are facing the legal issue that you solve in the exact moment they need to see that billboard. However, these are hard to track and there are lot more efficient ways to spend advertising dollars if this is the goal. (see Google ads)

Turn up the jams with radio ads

Radio ads are very similar to billboard ads as they have the most influence on the customer at certain points of a customer journey. For example, when someone is considering their legal options, your radio ad can push them towards you as their solution.

Radio ads are also fantastic at building a brand, especially when the business has a great personality that others can latch on to.

The important thing is to focus on the customer.

When you are looking at expanding and growing out your practice, the important thing is to focus on the customer and their journey. By understanding where your customer is going and where they have been, you will find the perfect way to advertise to them. The relationship you build with your customer will be authentic and smooth because you designed your growth around solving their problems.